Articles Under Which We Sail

When she created her blog, author Susan Spann wrote a post titled Articles Under Which we Sail that basically outlined the way pirates created rules that everyone on the vessel had to adhere to or disembark the ship (and they might not be near any land at the time ofIMAG3463 the disembarkment.) I loved Susan’s idea and decided to steal borrow it for this blog.


P.S. Anya and I have already discussed the rules and she’s agreed to them.


Article 1. This blog is my creation. I’m the one who puts time into creating the content and does everything else connected to the blog. Yes, Anya helps, but at the end of the day I’m in charge and that means follow my rules or stop reading the blog.

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“The only reason I agreed to let Mom claim the blog was because she happened to be holding my favorite stuffed toy hostage at the time.”-Anya, The Farm Chiweenie  


Article 2. The layout, schedule, and content can change depending on my mood and workload. It’s just going to have to be something everyone has to learn to deal with including you, Anya. That being said. If someone would like me to delve further into a topic, or has an idea for a topic, feel free to mention it. Even if it’s not something I’m interested in writing about, I might be receptive to arranging for you to guest blog.

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“Oh sorry, did Mom say something else. I was distracted..” -Anya, The Farm Chiweenie

Article 3. I’m not a fan of swearing or adult style content, so please keep it clean in the comment section. Anya, I’m looking at you. If my view towards this changes, I’ll let you know. If you absolutely must swear, use a creative, alternative word phrase or stick to the old standard @#$#@$@%^

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“Uh oh, I may have to reconsider my Anya’s Perspective piece I’m supposed to post tomorrow. Mom could have mentioned this no swearing thing sooner.”-Anya  , The Farm Chiweenie

Article 4. The world isn’t black and white and neither is the concept that everyone should adhere to one style or thought process. Since this is a pet blog, I suspect I’ll say things you won’t agree with or that you have an opinion on something that won’t align with me. It’s okay! It’s entirely possible that something will be posted that you don’t agree with and that’s okay. Your allowed to share your thoughts on the matter provided, you don’t get nasty, accept that it’s okay to not see eye to eye, and are willing to engage in a polite and respectful discussion on the matter. If I feel someone is getting bull headed, arrogant, or being downright nasty, I will block you. And if you refer to Article one, you’ll see that since this is my blog, I get to say what is and isn’t polite and respectful behavior/discussion.

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“Oh boy, this could get interesting!”-Anya, The Farm Chiweenie

Article 5. Don’t even think about coming to this blog and breaking any legal laws. Nor should you discuss laws you’ve broken or are planning on breaking. Just don’t do it!

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“It’s a good thing I’m not a rebellious chiweenie”-Anya, The Farm Chiweenie

Article 6. I’m free to delete or refute any comment I want. Again, see Article One. It’s my blog so I get to do what I want.

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“The power of running the blog might be going to Mom’s head. I need to look at the house rules and see how I can dispute who’s in control here. I should have a case. After all. I’M the Farm Chiweenie. Not Mom”-Anya, The Farm Chiweenie

Article 7. The comment section is for commenting. It’s only for commenting. It’s not for advertising. If you want to advertise something, talk to me and we’ll discuss various options and scenarios. If I find your ad in the comment section, it will be deleted. Ridiculing might also occur.

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“Pork chops are good. If you want to advertise pork chops in the comments, I’m okay with that. Hot dogs and horse hoof clippings too!”-Anya, The Farm Chiweenie



Article 8. I reserve the right to change these articles whenever I feel like it.

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“And she changes her mind ALL THE TIME! It’s exasperating.”

-Anya, The Farm Chiweenie

That’s all for now, folks! Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. Just remember the rules and adhere to them. I’d hate to have to make anyone walk the plank!

All the photos featured in this post belong to Jess Schira’s personal collection.