Anya’s Book Review: Murder Comes Unraveled

Mom and I spend a lot of time cuddled together on the couch reading, and since some of these books involve dogs, I decided to put together some book reviews. We’re starting off with cozy mystery, Murder Comes Unraveled by Veryl Ann Grace. It’s the second book in 6131f77bbe85d70952538b66f6b50c8dGrace’s Flock and Fiber mystery series, but it does quite well as a standalone novel.

At first, I was worried about this book. I figured it would be all about sheep, but while there were a few sheep in the book, as well a killer llama, there were also quite a few dogs. Great Pyrenees were featured throughout the story, which just happens to be the same breed as Duncan, one of my friends. The author uses the fur from her Great Pyrenees dogs to knit. Considering how much Duncan sheds, she shouldn’t ever run out of material. Riding in the car with him for just five minutes leaves me covered in a brand new, white fur coat. It’s very chic …

Anyhoo, I’m digressing, time to get back on topic.

What is Murder Comes Unraveled about?

Well, the main character, Molly Williamson is attending a local fiber fair where she hopes to sell some stuff, talk to people about Great Pyrs, and meet with friends. She doesn’t expect to find herself embroiled in the middle of a murder investigation. Technically, it doesn’t start out as a murder investigation. It starts out as an accidental death brought on by llama attack, but since the llama is very gentle and the newly dead person was good with animals everyone decides that she must have been murdered (For the record, the way that particular plot point was set up drove my mom up a wall. (Accidents, even ones that involve gentle animals and experienced animal experts happen all the time. In this case, all that was needed was for the woman to have been bumped by the llama as it turned around in the stall)

I’d like to say that lots of stuff happened after that, but it really didn’t. The entire investigation went slowly. The character of Molly was nice and seemed quite clever, but the rest of the characters were generic which made telling them apart difficult and I thought the resolution was predictable. The bright spot was the Pyr dogs. The author really knows her dogs and did a great job showing readers how wonderful they are. If you’re a Great Pyrenees lover or just want to know more about the breed, you’ll probably want to read this book.

If you’d like a more human perspective on Murder Comes Unraveled, my mom’s review of the book can be found here. She liked the book better than I did.

Have you read Murder Comes Unraveled? What are your thoughts? Got any cozy dog related mysteries you think I’ll like? Share your answers in the comment section.