Straight From Anya: What the Bloody $@$%@#%@#^% was That All About

I know Mom blogged about fireworks the other day, I was there, sitting right behind her while she wrote and posted the thing, but I really didn’t understand what the big deal was. I was more interested in snoozing. IMAG3795_1

Friday night came and went, no big deal.I played with Toby and Cougar. Showed my stuff blue dog who was boss. Got bored. Practiced running really fast. Just a typical night in this chiweenie’s life.


Saturday night was a little different. I got my heartworm medicine. Mom thinks it’s ridiculous I have to spit it out each time my teeth crack the pill, stare at it for a few seconds, pick it up, break it in half and repeat the process four or five times before swallowing the pill. I think the fact she uses silverware is stupid so I guess we’re even.


Anyway, getting back to Saturday night. I went through my monthly ritual with my heartworm medicine, ate the hot dog Mom got me as a reward, and settled in for some cuddle time. Things were going great until there was some strange pop-pop-pop noises to the north of us.


I listened.

I looked at Mom. She told said the noise was fireworks.


Happy to have an explanation, I relaxed. I even opted to go with Mom into the barn so I could play with Toby while she checked on the horses. It wasn’t a big deal.


Okay, maybe I got a little bit nervous towards the end, but I thought I handled it like a trooper. I was a fireworks master!

Than Sunday night happened. That’s the night everyone in the entire town decided to set off their own fireworks. It was really loud. I didn’t think it was ever going to stop.

I considered my options and decided the best place to hide was under mom’s desk chair. It’s a pretty good setup for a little dog. It’s covered, it’s familiar, and mom is really close by. Since mom always uses a lap blanket while she writes, the spot feels a little cave like.

Just as I was getting secure, the unthinkable happened.


My mom got up and left me.

What the …!

She said she had to check on the horses and make sure they hadn’t run through the fence, but I’m not sure I believe her. I mean she didn’t smell like horse sweat or hay. She smelled a little smoky. I’m seriously wondering what she was really up to. When the next set of boomers went off a few minutes after 11, she also said a few bad words, the ones she said I couldn’t use when we discussed the Articles Under Which we Sail, before running out of the apartment.

When she came back to the apartment, she gave me a couple of Beggin’ Strips for being such a good, brave girl, so I decided to forgive her. After that, all was well with the world. Well, mostly.


Ta for now,

Anya, The Farm Chiweenie

Is it Time to Make a Chiweenie a Member of your Family?

Let me guess, you’ve been looking at my photos of Anya, and now you want a little Anya of your own. I get it. She’s pretty darn irresistible. I’ll let you in on a secret:

“Yep, I’m pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.”-Anya, the Farm Chiweenie

She’s even more delightful in real life!

It’s important to remember that just because Anya is a 13-pound bundle of happiness and has been a really easy dog to care for, falling in love with her doesn’t mean it’s the best time to make a chiweenie a member of your family.


The bright eyes, cheerful expression, short legs, and wiggly walk that so often characterize chiweenies makes them pretty irresistible. One meeting for you to feel an overwhelming urge to rush to your local animal shelter and beg for one. Before you start filling out the adoption applications, you need to stop and ask yourself if you’re really ready to add a Chiweenie to your life.

Benefits of a Long Term Relationship with a Chiweenie

anya sleeping
“Yep, cute even when I sleep!”-Anya, the  Farm Chiweenie

You’ll be thrilled to know that there are several different and exciting ways a Chiweenie will improve your life.


  • Kids raised in the same house as a chiweenie or other type of dog are far less likely to develop allergies than kids who aren’t allowed to have a family pooch.
  • The act of taking your chiweenie out for a walk two or three times a day not only boosts your physical health, but also puts you in a position to meet lots of people each trip, which improves your social health.
  • Anyone who struggles with anxiety will discover the presence of a chiweenie helps them stay relaxed
  • People who own dogs have lower blood pressure levels than those who don’t have a dog
  • Dog owners are less likely to develop depression than non-dog owners.

Let me guess. Now that you’ve heard this small sampling of ways a chiweenie or other type of dog will improve your quality of life, you’re more eager than ever to rush out and pick up a chiweenie.

Not so fast.

There are still some more details you need to consider before getting a chiweenie.

Are You Really, Truly Ready for a Chiweenie

Before you start searching the globe for a chiweenie of your very own, you need to make sit down and consider whether now is the best time to bring a dog in your life. It’s an enormous decision and can’t be taken lightly. Don’t forget, you can’t base things on your current life, a dog is a lifetime commitment. While you might not have a crystal ball telling you how the rest of your life will proceed, you need to be confident you’ll be able to provide a loving and happy home to a chiweenie for the rest of its life, and chiweenies are a toy breed (unless you get one of the bigger ones) so you can reasonably anticipate their life span being anywhere from 13-20 years. If you’re not ready to make that long a commitment to a chiweenie or other toy dog, maybe you should consider a type of pet with a shorter life span. Another choice would be to adopt an older chiweenie, which has another set of pros and cons to consider and will need to be a future blog topic.

Here is a list of things to consider before searching for the chiweenie your heart desires:

  • Your living arrangements-first are you allowed to rent? Renters aren’t the only ones who are sometimes forbidden from getting a chiweenie or other types of pets. Many housing communities also restrict the type and size of the pet residents are allowed to have. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a dog and bring them home only to learn you can’t keep them.
  • Are you prepared to help a pooch stay active-Yes, chiweenies are small. Yes, they do quite well in smaller spaces, such as studio apartments, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about how to keep them fit. Anya’s an active chiweenie. I’ve heard other chiweenie owners have stated that their chiweenies are also bursting with energy. If you don’t have a fenced in yard, you will need to take them on a daily
    Anya in the hay
    “Taking a very short rest between play sessions.”-Anya, the Farm Chiweenie

    walk, no matter how bad the weather conditions get. Anya and I go on regular walks, and she also spends her entire day hanging out in the barn and running around the area, and there are still times when she’s raring to go when I’m ready to settle in for the evening.

  • You can’t ignore your financial situation-Once you bring a chiweenie (or any other type of dog) into your life, the expenses start adding up. You have to get food, yearly vaccinations, flea control, heartworm tests, heartworm preventive, toys, treats, grooming supplies, and more. In addition to these expenses, you also have to be ready to handle the financial burden of potential veterinary requirements (which hopefully, you’ll never need!)
  • What will Happen to your Chiweenie if you’re Unable to Care for Them-No one likes to think about it, but again, we can’t accurately predict the future. It’s possible that something could happen that makes caring for your dog impossible, which is why it’s best to have a contingency plan in place, just in case. In Anya’s case, I have plenty of friends and family who will take her in. (the only problem is that a fight might break out over which one gets her. EVERYONE loves Anya)

You should also think about what you’ll do with the Chiweenie if you’re traveling and unable to bring your pet with you.

After having a heart to heart discussion with yourself and deciding that yes, you’re ready for a Chiweenie, you should contact your local dog rescues and see if they have the perfect best friend for you.

Good luck!

Feel free to share your thoughts about adding a Chiweenie or other type of dog to your life. Just post a comment.