Just Who is This Anya Dog?

My story starts in January 2016 after I’d spent several weeks at a really nice Muskegon animal rescue. Even though the people there were quite nice, I wasn’t entirely happy. I didn’t understand why I was there or what was going to happen to me. Finally, a human I’d met a few weeks earlier showed up and took me out of there. I had no idea my life was in the process of doing a complete 180.

My mom is a copywriter and an author which is great because she works at home and I get to snuggle up to her and sleep while she types. I’ve gotten pretty good at letting her know when she’s spent too much time with the computer and not enough time with Anya. One of my big projects right now is trying to convince my mom to put my in one of the books she’s writing. She says she’ll think about. I think I’d be a great character, don’t you!

My new mom lives on a horse farm. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this new situation. Horses are really big, really loud, and extremely terrifying. It took me awhile to relax, but once I did, I fell in love with my new life. I’m still scared of horses, but since there’s a strict barn rule that horses and dogs, especially cute little chiweenies aren’t allowed to mix, I don’t have to worry about them all that much.

So while the horses do whatever it is that horses do, I spend the bulk of my day chasing birds out of the barn, hanging out with my best two pals, Toby and Cougar, chewing on hoof clippings, investigating all sorts of interesting scents, greeting everyone who walks into the barn, and playing in the hay.

Did I mention that I love hay. It might be my most favorite thing in the whole wide world. The only thing that comes even close to hay’s awesomeness is hot dogs. And the occasional bit of pork chop my mom lets me have. And the red dot that randomly shows up from time to time. Okay, so I have lots of absolutely favorite things. So what!

The great thing about being a farm dog is that I get to enjoy one endless adventure after another.

At first this didn’t mean much more to me other than there were lots of interesting smells to investigate, but now that I’ve been there a few months, I know my new life as a farm dog means I get to enjoy one endless adventure after another.

Mom and I are still arguing about who’s running this blog.

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About Jess, Anya’s Mom

Jess adopted Anya from local animal shelter, The Noah Project, in January of 2016. When she’s not snapping pictures of Anya and thinking of new ways to embaress the poor dog, she spends her time writing outstanding web content, riding horses, and reading.