Anya’s Book Review: Must Love Wieners

My mom first learned about Must Love Wieners by Casey Griffin from a Heroes and Heartbreakers blog post and instantly thought that since wieners dogs obviously play a big role in the book, we should read it together. A few months passed. And then a few more. But we finally spent some time cuddling together on the couch with this book.

It was worth the wait.

Colin and Sophie

Let’s start with the important stuff. The dogs

I must admit that I’m disappointed that there weren’t any chiweenies in the book, but there were lots of dachshunds so that’s a good start. Although several dogs make cameos in the story, the main canine characters are Colin and Sophie, two soul mates who play a pivotal part in the romance between the main human characters. The author didn’t delve very deeply into Sophie’s personality, but Colin was a well-developed guy with a sweet disposition. He’s the kind of wiener dog who’s not afraid to step into a fight when it comes to protecting his human from a crazed arsonist.

I was very impressed by how well the author captured the personality and appearance of the dachshund. She did an excellent job showing that they’re a loyal, scrappy, funny breed that has a mind of their own. Plus they were really cute. Also, if my mom thinks for even a second that I’m willing to ride around in a backpack or purse the way Colin did in the book, she better think again. Just sayin’

Piper and Aiden

The entire story is told from the FMC’s viewpoint. Piper is inches away from becoming a vet, provided she can keep her head above water and pay all her bills while also studying to get her license. In addition to working three different jobs (cab-driver, pizza delivery driver, singing messenger) she also volunteers at a local Dachshund rescue.

At the start of the story, Piper’s day is basically a comedy of errors. Everything she does basically blows up in her face. Even what seems like a relatively simple job, delivering a singing message to the CEO of a huge investment firm backfires, resulting in her falling onto his lap and having an …er… awkward moment, before she’s able to flee the boardroom and return to the comfort of her cab where she promptly loses not one, but two, of her three jobs and also watches helplessly as her cab gets stolen.

Aden has a thing for Piper, though it takes Piper a while to realize it. In an attempt to spend more time with Piper he hires her to walk his newly acquired dog, Sophie. This leads to a great deal of confusion, on both Piper and Aiden’s part about the nature of their relationship. The way the first act was written made the relationship’s progress feel remarkably more organic than most romance novels.

Overall, this was a fun book, it’s primarily a romance novel but there’s a mystery mixed into the plot that will keep you guessing. Casey Griffin did an outstanding job creating an assortment of red herrings so it’s surprising when the bad person is finally revealed. Plus, is there anything more frightening than a dog rescues, especially one full of cute, innocent dachshunds, coming under attack.

There were a few minor points that irritated my mom a bit, but nothing that caused her to put the book down.

Must Love Wieners is a full length novel. It’s a fast read, making it perfect for reading while your between errands or unwinding at the end of a long day. It’s also super entertaining making it a good choice when you’re looking for a vacation book.
Must Love Wieners is the first book in a series, but it stands on its own two feet. At some point this summer, my mom and I plan on diving into the second book, which is already available wherever books are sold.

Ta for now,

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